Are your windows in need of an upgrade?

Now that winter is in full motion, and the countdown to Christmas in Coventry has begun in earnest there is one thing for sure we all feel; the drop in temperature. Not just outside but within the home as well. Extra layers and blankets can help keep the central heating off, and bills down, but have you wondered about how much heat you’re losing out of your windows?

Traditional timber windows

If your home in Coventry still features traditional sash windows, you could be losing an incredible amount of heat through gaps in the frame and incoming draughts. Even first and second-generation double glazing can deteriorate over time, causing inefficiencies in heat retention. Secondary glazing can make some difference to the ambient temperature, but the only way to ensure you preserve the maximum amount of heat is through double glazed windows.

Modern double glazed windows

The windows of today are a world removed from the first double glazing. They are teeming with design options, colours and safety features that our professional and attentive staff can guide you through. If you like the natural look that timber frames give to your property, we can show you a range of wood grain effects in uPVC that can achieve the same result.

Hiring the right double glazing firm

Once you’ve decided that your windows require an upgrade, the next step is hiring the right firm. Victory Windows have been the premier provider of double glazing in Coventry for over 45 years. We have a team of fitters whose skill and expertise is second to none. For a stunning finish at a competitive price, call our team today.