The benefits of UPVC Windows

A new set of uPVC windows can breathe life into and re-energise a tired looking house facade. Since the inception of uPVC windows over 45 years ago, Victory Windows has been at the forefront of an industry that has produced a variety of benefits to the homes of people in Coventry, Rugby and Warwick.

You can rely on Victory Windows to achieve these benefits for you through quality installations, whether it’s for a single window or a complete set of new windows.

Lower energy bills

In the long-term, the money that you invest in new windows will return to you through better insulation leading to lower energy costs. Also, if you choose to sell your house in the future, then owning uPVC windows will boost the sale value.

Avoid unnecessary chores

By having uPVC windows installed, you can not only save money, but you can also increase your relaxation time. Wooden windows demand regular maintenance like sanding and painting, which can be time-consuming and tedious. uPVC windows don’t need anywhere near the same amount of effort to look after.

Advanced security system

The mere sight of uPVC windows will be enough to discourage even the most resolute of thief, and our products are no different. All of our windows are secured using the most advanced security systems available. Another security feature we provide is internally beaded glazing. Internal glazing means the glass unit can only be removed from inside the property, which also makes changing misted glass units far easier.

Repairs service

Thanks to our years of experience, we also offer a premier repairs service in the Coventry, Rugby and Warwick area. If you have any faults with any aspect of your uPVC windows, such as misted glass units, broken friction stays, or delicate handles then call us for a free quotation today.