Bring summer indoors with a new uPVC door

Summer will soon be upon us, and that means that there is no better time to have a new uPVC door installed. If you want to open up your dining room or kitchen to the outside world, then we at Victory Windows can provide a range of options to make your home an extension of the outside world. For over 45 years we have helped transform the homes of people in Rugby, Coventry and Warwick.

Three main types of uPVC doors can help natural light and air fill your home.

Patio or sliding doors

Patio or sliding doors can be an excellent way to create extra light in your home. The two large panes of glass allow for an unrestricted view into your garden. Typically, either one or both doors can slide open, increasing the air circulation in your home. They also provide a great space saving option as they don’t protrude from the house.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors, also known as concertina doors, are two slim-profile frames that fold back into each other. As well as looking spectacular, bi-fold doors can flood your room with natural light and are a practical space-saving alternative to traditional doors. Additionally, they will automatically stay precisely where you move them.

French doors

French doors are the most cost-efficient way to bring light and air to a room. They operate in virtually the same way as casement windows with side hinges that allow for one or both of the doors to open. They can also be supplied with restrictors to prevent the doors from slamming in the wind.