Creating Light and Space with Double Glazing

There is a multitude of benefits to installing uPVC double glazing into your home in Coventry, Rugby or Warwick. It has exceptional thermal properties that retain heat and lessen energy bills; it reduces external noise, increases your home security and makes your property more valuable. At Victory Windows, as well as highlighting these advantages to the customer, we also like to demonstrate how we can create additional light and space in your home with various uPVC products. We can work with you to establish the optimum method of channelling light through your rooms and providing space for your family.

Windows fitting

For over 45 years we have been fitting windows. Some of the most satisfying installations are of bay and bow windows. Bay windows are a three-sided window, with a large double glazed picture unit in the middle, and two smaller panes either side. The side sections are fitted on an angle that allows the window to protrude from the brickwork. Bow windows are the same in principle, except they are more prominent with five sections as opposed to three. The projection outward of this style of window allows for a more substantial flow of light, and a small amount of extra interior space. If the new window is replacing a previously flat casement style, we will fit a window board to the interior. This small feature will provide an area for you to place ornaments, plants or add other decorative touches.

Patio and French Doors

If you are looking to create an outdoor feel to your home in the summer months, then you should consider double glazed patio or French doors. If you have a full window that overlooks your garden, it’s ideal for these types of door. We can remove the window, create an aperture big enough for the doors and fit them. Patio doors have a sliding mechanism that allows for unrestricted access in and out of the house. French doors offer a similar benefit but for less money. Like casement windows, they include side hinges that allow you to open them out, either both doors simultaneously or just one at a time.


Perhaps the ultimate method of creating extra space in your home using uPVC is with a conservatory. They can fulfil the need for space required by a growing family, someone who wants to set up a work office in the home or just extra recreational space. Whichever way you choose to utilise your conservatory, they are an excellent space provider. There are generally three main styles that we install:

Edwardian – If more room is what you desire, then an Edwardian conservatory is perfect. They are rectangular to maximise the whole area. They feature a pitched roof with an apex that funnels light down below.

Victorian – Almost identical in roof shape to the Edwardian conservatory, the style of the Victorian base is more rounded. It creates an elegant appearance, but it does limit the interior area.

Edwardian Gable – An Edwardian Gable conservatory has a strikingly different look. The roof forms a gable end, which has the effect of making the interior appear spacious.

If you have been inspired by any of these ideas and would like to know more about our double glazing services contact our team directly by phone.