How double glazing delivers short and long-term benefits

Double glazing provides energy efficient glazing that consists of two panes of glass manufactured into a single sealed unit. They deliver many benefits to households in Coventry, Warwick and Rugby which, we will analyse below. We will also look at how the technology in double glazing works to provide these advantages over traditional single glazing.

The advantages of double glazing

In the short term, the first benefit you will notice is a reduction in noise pollution. Double glazing can shut you off from the bustling streets of Coventry, Rugby or Warwick to create a relaxing and ambient environment. Another immediate benefit is the decrease in condensation forming on your windows. As double glazing retains the heat, condensation is less likely to manifest as the glass will be warmer when interacting with cold air.

Long-term benefits will include increased energy efficiency and better thermal insulation. When double glazing works in combination with other energy-efficient solutions, like cavity wall insulation, it can lead to lower energy bills and is better for the environment. Security is also an essential advantage of double glazed windows, as it’s not only harder to break into, but works as an effective deterrent.

So how does it work?

The glass units in double glazing are constructed of two panes of glass, a spacer bar in between with a drying agent and are filled with a gas to increase heat retention and reduce noise levels. All of these components are combined to achieve an energy rating as set by the British Fenestration Rating Council. They range from A++ to C, with A++ being the most efficient energy rating.