Victory Windows – Double Glazing

Victory Windows have been established for over 45 years, serving the people of Coventry, Rugby and Warwick with our high quality, expertly fitted double glazed windows.

Having our windows, fitted with double glazing, installed in your home will substantially improve heat retention and subsequently, should reduce the cost of your heating bills.

If you are replacing old wooden windows you will find that installing our uPVC windows will also save you time and money on upkeep. If you like the appearance of wooden windows, and feel that they suit your property best, we have a variety of finishes which replicate the look.

Our double glazing will also rid you of the bane of condensation which causes warping and rotting on wooden windows. It is incredibly low maintenance, so you will have the style you wish for without the filling, sanding and painting. And no more puddles on the sills!

If you prefer a more modern look, again, we have a wide range of styles to suit you and your property.

Our windows also offer the benefit of increased security for your home. Our double glazing is internally glazed, making the removal of the glazing impossible from the outside. This will stop even the most determined of intruders and give you added peace of mind.

So, join the legions of our happy and satisfied customers in and around the Coventry, Rugby and Warwick area and give us a call. We know we will be able to cover all your requirements.